Michael Jackson Memorial (STOD)

Alright guys, this is the first story of the day post of the year.

Because today is the day that Michael Jackson’s memorial will commence, I thought it would be fit for today’s story of the day to be on Michael. Today’s story isn’t even really a story, it is more of a question that I would like answered. I know that Michael revolutionized music, and yes, he was the King of Pop, but I wanted to know people’s opinions on whether his passing was the biggest ever in music’s history. I’ve been asking friends, family, and coworkers, and they ultimately agree that there is no bigger death then Michael Jackson.  Bigger than Elvis? Bigger than Jimi Hendrix? For you rap fans, bigger than Tupac or Biggie? (couldn’t think of anyone on top of my head). I’d like to hear peoples responses on which tragedy hit hardest. So, what do you people think?

Heres one of the few legacies left by Michael:


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