NBA: Top 5 Free Agents STILL Available

1. Lamar Odom (Biased choice because I bleed purple and gold)

Pros: Can basically play all 5 positions, Great ball handler, Speed, Rebounding, Can sometimes HEAT up.

Cons: Silly mistakes (I get dumbfounded by what he does on the court sometimes), Inconsistent, Soft, Lazy (SHOWED UP TO CAMP OUT OF SHAPE, COME ON LAMAR)

2. Carlos Boozer

Pros: Good Hands, Powerful, Can finish with both hands, Rebounding, 20/10 guy

Cons: CAN’T block shots (0.5 a game, horrid), Injury prone

3. Shawn Marion (should change his nickname to “Easily Forgettable”)

Pros: Versatile, Defensive specialist, Rebounding, CAN be a 20/10 guy in the RIGHT system

Cons: Disgusting shot, Inconsistent, What happened to your speed, Matrix?

4. Allen Iverson (should change his nickname to “Please remember me me for my 76ers days”)

Pros: Ball handler, Speed, Defensive prowess (steals, cat-like agility), Drives to the basket at will, Scores at will

Cons: Can destroy a team singlehandedly, but shame on the AI haters, hopefully he can reemerge as a top 5 point guard next year

5. Paul Millsap

Pros: Young, Powerful, CAN be a 20/10 guy with STARTER minutes, Rebounding, Shot-blocker

Cons: Can a team depend on him to be a LEGIT 20/10 power forward starter?

Honorable Mentions: Brandon Bass, David Lee, Chris Andersen


2 Responses to NBA: Top 5 Free Agents STILL Available

  1. Not sure about Boozer.

  2. chappy81 says:

    Yeah, Boozer used his player option to stay in Utah… He might get traded, but Millsap is definately under contract! You need to revise the list… And MArion is supposedly going to Dallas as of an hour or two ago…

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