Polar bear vs Gorilla. Who would win?


Hmm… This would be a tough battle for both the gorilla and the polar bear.  The gorilla would have a slight advantage in intelligence as it could try and use small sticks and rocks to help beat down the bear.  The silverback gorilla is said to have 10x the strength of 1 human, so not only is it smart, but also strong as hell.  But, who are we kidding, were talking about a polar bear.  Polar bears could way up to 1500 lbs while the biggest gorilla was a mere 600 lbs.  A polar bear, that could grow up to 10 feet is the largest carnivore to walk can just force his victory upon the gorilla just by using sheer force and brutality.  So I believe if they did fight, 1v1, the gorilla, although a formidable enemy, the polar bear is too big and too strong.



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