Bill Gate’s Facebook


This week, reports have surfaced that Bill Gates stopped using Facebook because too many people wanted to add him as a friend. Gates told an audience in New Delhi he had tried out Facebook but ended up with “10,000 people wanting to be my friends”. According to Gates he had trouble figuring out who was a real friend and who was not, “It was just way too much trouble so I gave it up,” Gates told some business forum.

Over the years that Facebook has been operating there have been many parody and fake screenshot of Bill’s Facebook pages but this is the real Bill Gate’s Facebook.

Gates lists his favourite activities as “Tennis, Bridge, Reading, Movies” and is interested in “Science, Health, Philanthropy, Software, Neuroscience, Energy”. Gates also lists his Education and work history, noting he attended Harvard in 1977 to study Mathematics and Lakeside School in 1973. Gates has a small 112 friends who he accepted onto his account before 10,000 people tried to add him as a friend. Some are less than genuine as can be seen in the wall posts below, but fellow Microsoft  workers Steven Sinofsky, Ray Ozzie and Charlie Kindel are all listed as friends. Gates is also a member of the Just for fun (JFF), 2.4 Million strong group for general discussion and Invite all! groups on Facebook.



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