Radio Host Nate Quick Dead


Nate Quick died following a battle with liver conditions.

No Limit Larry and Tone made the announcement today at 5:50 am calling Nate Quick “the greatest radio personality ever”. Quick was KRNB’s program director currently and marketing director for K104 FM.

Brian Watts, former DJ Eazy Ice on Power 98, reportedly said the following about Quick’s health this week:

“At times he can respond to voices and tries to to move his mouth and open his eyes. If you hold his hand and talk to him, he’ll try to squeeze your hand to respond to you.”

Funeral and memorial arrangements have not been announced. Nate Quick will be greatly missed.

RIP Nate


One Response to Radio Host Nate Quick Dead

  1. DELOIS says:

    To the family , Faith is complete surrender to the will of God and acceptance of His plan for us and to remember that he’s at peace and he will thank that he will want us to keep smiling for him and don’t forget. God Bless ………..

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