Michael Beasley in Rehab.


Michael Beasley, star forward for the Miami Heat NBA team, checked into a Houston rehabilitation hospital this weekend, for what is being reported as substance abuse and depression issues. He will apparently stay for at least 30 days and spend time with John Lucas, a well-known former NBA player and coach who works with troubled players.

What makes Beasley’s breakdown unique though, is that his admission to rehab was preceded by a series of very disturbing Twitter posts, two deletions of his Twitter account, and a TwitPic that reveals suspicious bags on a table in the background.



One Response to Michael Beasley in Rehab.

  1. chappy81 says:

    Can’t say I’m shocked… I never could understand why a pro athlete would be depressed since they’re making millions doing something they like… http://doin-work.com

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