VOTD (Video of the DAY)

During the tour, Anthony Kim hits spectator on the 18th at the 2009 AT&T National, final round. After watching the video a few times, it honestly seems like the guy getting hit was preparing himself for the impact. It also seems like he is enjoying it…


Obama looking at 17 year old’s BUTT!

Alright guys, for the first post of the day, I thought it should be about our President Barrack Obama looking at 17 year old Brazilian G8 delegate, Mayara Tavares butt.

Luckily, Obama was not alone as the cameras were taking pictures. French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, looks like he’s having a little bit too much fun.

obama sarkozy berlusconi g8 summit check out girl

What do you think?

Top 3 Nicest Ass in the Planet

Who’s got the best butt in the world?

#3. CoCo

With an ass that’s rumored to have implants, Ice-T’s wife CoCo — aka Nicole Austin — has used her butt to draw in plenty of guys’ eyes.


#2. Kristina Dimitrova

So, who has the best ass in the land? According to UK lingerie firm, Sloggi, 19-year-old Kristina Dimitrova. The company held a huge competition to judge the world’s best ass and all judges pointed to her golden backside. In return, Dimitrova won a modeling contract with Sloggi for their international advertising campaign, and an insurance policy for one year on her butt.


#1. Vida Guerra

You may have glimpsed her ass as a lingerie model for FHM magazine in 2002. After that, you couldn’t escape it. Shortly after, Vida Guerra was voted for “The Best Butt Award” and ranked in the magazine’s top 100 sexiest females.