Polar bear vs Gorilla. Who would win?


Hmm… This would be a tough battle for both the gorilla and the polar bear.  The gorilla would have a slight advantage in intelligence as it could try and use small sticks and rocks to help beat down the bear.  The silverback gorilla is said to have 10x the strength of 1 human, so not only is it smart, but also strong as hell.  But, who are we kidding, were talking about a polar bear.  Polar bears could way up to 1500 lbs while the biggest gorilla was a mere 600 lbs.  A polar bear, that could grow up to 10 feet is the largest carnivore to walk can just force his victory upon the gorilla just by using sheer force and brutality.  So I believe if they did fight, 1v1, the gorilla, although a formidable enemy, the polar bear is too big and too strong.



Running of the bulls

In Pampalona it is the fourth day of the running of the bulls, which runs from july 6th to the 14th.  This has brought many tourists from around the world to witness these bulls in all their might chase people through the streets of Pamplona.  After these bulls will be taken to the bullfight where after they will be killed.  Although this seems like a deadly event, this year ONLY ONE person has been killed, while a handful of others injured.  This incident was the 15th person to die in the running of the bulls since the start of this festival in 1911.

Wow, for a second there, I thought the guy’s string was blood dripping out. Thankfully, it is only a string or else I might have fainted.

Michael Jackson Memorial (STOD)

Alright guys, this is the first story of the day post of the year.

Because today is the day that Michael Jackson’s memorial will commence, I thought it would be fit for today’s story of the day to be on Michael. Today’s story isn’t even really a story, it is more of a question that I would like answered. I know that Michael revolutionized music, and yes, he was the King of Pop, but I wanted to know people’s opinions on whether his passing was the biggest ever in music’s history. I’ve been asking friends, family, and coworkers, and they ultimately agree that there is no bigger death then Michael Jackson.  Bigger than Elvis? Bigger than Jimi Hendrix? For you rap fans, bigger than Tupac or Biggie? (couldn’t think of anyone on top of my head). I’d like to hear peoples responses on which tragedy hit hardest. So, what do you people think?

Heres one of the few legacies left by Michael: