Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony is scheduled for release on 29th October 2009. It is the second of the two episodic expansion packs for the Xbox 360 version of the Grand Theft Auto IV video game, developed by Rockstar North.

A combined standalone disc-based package titled Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, which will not require the original GTA IV game to be played, is planned to be released alongside the second expansion and will contain both The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony


heroes of newerth

If you guys haven’t heard there is a new beta out called heroes of newerth, which is new game from the creators of dota.  This game has the same gameplay aspects of dota, but set in a competely new engine and with completely rebuilt heroes.  I have recently gotten a hold of the beta key through facebook (become a fan of HoN), and must say, if you like dota, this is the game for you.

here is some gameplay from HoN

Natal Planned For PCs As Well


In an interview with Cnet, Gates said Natal was not just for games, “but for media consumption as a whole, and even if they connect it up to Windows PCs for interacting in terms of meetings, and collaboration, and communication… both the Xbox guys and the Windows guys latched onto that and now even since they latched onto it the idea of how it can be used in the office is getting much more concrete, and is pretty exciting.”

Dragon Quest IX Launch!


Today, Dragon Quest IX launched in Japan.

Dragon Quest , published as Dragon Warrior in North America until the 2005 release of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, is a series of role-playing games created by Yūji Horii and his studio, Armor Project, and published by Square Enix.

Here are some videos of Japan launch day.

2D/3D Art Designs

Have you guys heard of Dominance War?


Dominance War is a huge annual game art competition unlike any other. Once a year, for three months, artists from all over the world come together to take part in a friendly 3D and 2D war between communities.

Its got fucking godly 2D/3D arts.  Here are some of my favorites…








More to come…

Welcome to Technology / Gaming Section!

game god

The Dome of Game Gods

Today, I will post some Epic games that will be ruining every nerds life!

Starcraft II

Trilogy of military science fiction real-time strategy video games currently under development by Blizzard Entertainment as a sequel to the award-winning 1998 video game StarCraft.

Estimated Release Date: Probably end of 2009


Diablo III

An action role-playing game in a hack and slash and “dungeon roaming” style, currently in development as the third installment of Blizzard’s Diablo franchise

Estimated Release Date: Probably around 2012

Diablo 3

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars

A crossover fighting game developed by Eighting and published by Capcom for Japanese video arcades and on the Wii gaming console.

Estimated Release Date: Probably around 2010


Final Fantsy XIII / Versus

A console role-playing game being developed by Square Enix.

Estimated Release Date: 2010


More to come…