Alexia Lei, Strikeforce Ring Girl


Alexia Lei is a prolific import model and former Strikeforce ring girl who now acts as the spokesmodel for KNOXX Performance Gear. She’s the result of Portuguese, Hawaiian, Chinese, Chamorro, Mexican and Colombian intermingling, and designs a clothing line for go-go dancers called Ambition.


Hot? Yes.

Hotter than Aryanne Celeste? No.


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Natasha Wicks, UFC’s new octagon girl


Meet Natasha Wicks, she’s 5’2, and her measurements are 34-25-36. 24-year-old Las Vegas native who beat out 39 other women to become the winner of Saturday’s Maxim UFC Octagon Girl Search at the UFC Fan Expo. Natasha was a cross-country runner at Northern Arizona University, used to work as a Bunny at the Playboy Club in Las Vegas, and has never undergone any kind of plastic surgery.


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Obama looking at 17 year old’s BUTT!

Alright guys, for the first post of the day, I thought it should be about our President Barrack Obama looking at 17 year old Brazilian G8 delegate, Mayara Tavares butt.

Luckily, Obama was not alone as the cameras were taking pictures. French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, looks like he’s having a little bit too much fun.

obama sarkozy berlusconi g8 summit check out girl

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