Marius Zaromskis Wins DREAM.10 Welterweight GP Finals

(Marius Zaromskis vs Jason High) <—-Finals

(Marius Zaromskis vs Hayato Sakurai) <—-Semis

Heres Marios Zaromskis who shocked the world by winning the welterweight grand prix and divisional championship at Dream 10 on Monday at the Saitama Super Arena.

Bonus:  Marius Zaromskis Highlight reel

Another vicious guy out there in the world


Bisping seeing stars

For everyone who watched UFC100 witnessed Bisping get the beating of his life.  But what led to this?  Well, Henderson and Bisping were both coaches on the last season of Ultimate Fighter, where the teams were set as US vs UK.  This led to some tension on the show as Bisping would always instigate fights by talking shit on Henderson along with the fighters from team US.  Henderson didn’t really shoot back, but we all know now why.  Henderson would have the last laugh as he slips in an extra punch to the already knock out cold Bisping.

And for everyone who missed it, heres all you need to see.

Arturo Gatti, Former Boxer Found Dead in Brazil

Arturo Gatti found dead at the age of 37.

Former boxing champion, Arturo Gatti, was found dead during his second honeymoon with his newly married wife and 10 month old baby. According to reports Gatti’s body was found in his hotel room at the seaside resort located in Porto de Galinhas, Brazil. His wife and baby were not harmed.

Police believe this was no accident as Gatti was found in his underwear, with blood stains around his neck and on the back of his head.  It is unclear how Gatti died, according to reports, “There were no bullet or stab wounds on his body, but police did find blood stains on the floor.” Police are releasing little information.

An interesting fact about this case is that Arturo Gatti was scheduled to testify in New York this upcoming week  in a lawsuit filed by the New York State Athletic commission by former opponent Joey Gamache.

“(He) was scheduled to testify in Gamache’s trial on a lawsuit charging negligence by the NYSAC at the weigh-in for the Feb. 2000 fight that left Gamache nearly dead from head trauma and with permanent brain damage. Gatti had knocked Gamache down twice in the first round, then rendered him senseless in the second round of their fight at Madison Square Garden. According to Gamache, Gatti was as much as 19 pounds overweight for the 141-pound fight.”

His professional boxing record was 40 wins with 9 losses. 31 of those wins came by knockout.

UFC’s Evolution

Witness how far we have come and how far mma will go