Lamar Odom back on Lakers

A league source tells TNT’s David Aldridge that free agent forward Lamar Odom has agreed to return to the Lakers next season, accepting the team’s multi-year offer and spurning a five-year, $34 million offer from the Miami Heat. Welcome back Mr. Odom.


Stephon Marbury *Starbury* crying on WebCast Video

Okay, so there has been news buzzing around that Stephon Marbury was crying on web-cam. For reasons unknown he starts playing the song “Lean on Me” by Kirk Franklin, then proceeds to crying. I bought his $20 shoes years back and they were pretty comfy for a short period of time. Now, I will put the shoes in my closet with shame.

Here’s the clip..

Here’s an old top 10 Stephon Marbury clip for people who don’t know him too well.

VIDEO of Jamal Crawford Dunking on Lebron James

The video  of Xavier college student, Jamal Crawford, dunking on Lebron James is now out. Check it out! 🙂

Kobe says, “You’re not dunking on me at my camp.”

Recently, at Kobe Bryant’s basketball camp, a 14 year old played Kobe Bryant in a 1 on 1 game of basketball.

After Kobe defeated the young fool, 5 to 0, the player heckled Kobe, watch the clip.

Basically, in the video the young player says that if Kobe went to Lebron’s camp, he would get “owned”.

Kobe retaliates by telling him, “you’re not dunking on me at my camp.”

KB24 VS LB23, who do you choose?

Lebron James gets DUNKED on?!

Alright, alright, there’s been word going around that Lebron, the King himself, got dunked on recently by Xavier college sophomore, Jordan Crawford. But, the big news is that Lebron told Nike officials to confiscate these videos to save face. Now why would Lebron do this? We all know he’s been dunked on before, like this video shows (granted, most of these are fast break dunks that Lebron couldn’t catch up on, a few of the clips are actual DUNKED ON)

And here’s a video of Jordan Crawford winning a dunk contest. (An Average dunk)