IRON MAN 2 – 5 min footage!

Were you lucky enough to snag a peek at IRON MAN 2 during Comic Con this year? Me neither, which is why I’m pretty pumped that the footage has (at long last) leaked onto the internet for public consumption. No, the quality isn’t phenomenal as it’s a bit hard to hear at times, but it could be worse and it is well worth watching.


OH WTF PICS Part. 3!!


NEW Anime Iron Man And Wolverine


Here is the Warren Ellis’ Anime reinvention of two of Marvel top franchises.

Two new trailers for Marvel Anime: Iron Man and Marvel Anime: Wolverine offer hints at their new international origins.

Does Marvel pairing Ellis with Japanese animation studio Madhouse to produce four new series for Japanese television seem like a good idea?

What do you guys think?

Some NICE Comic-Con 2009 Cosplays

The best costume of the night 🙂


Thumbs up.

Enjoyin some Starbucks.

Death Note.

She escaped out of my poke ball. 😦

Damn, it’s not hot in there?

Someone decided to dress up as me for a costume. ):

Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Trailer

Tim Burton will be at Comic Con tomorrow at 11 a.m. to talk about “Alice in Wonderland,” on Disney’s 3-D panel, where he will also be showing some scenes from the upcoming movie. But why wait until then? The trailer, via IGN. “Alice in Wonderland” stars Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and is due March 2010