More MMA Knockouts of 2009 (no UFC)


Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson kicks in extra point video

Last month, Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Chad Ochocinco tweeted that he would kick from the end zone at some point during this year’s football season.

In last night’s game, Chad Johnson (OCHOCINCO), kicked in a field goal against the New England Patriots for an extra point because Bengals kicker Shayne Graham was injured.

OchoCinco, a huge fan for soccer not known for his football kicking skills, shows that he can put extra points in when necessary.

UFC 101 Highlights

The best fight of UFC 101 was Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin, here are some .gif that sums up the whole fight:

The crowed boos Anderson Silva,  his reaction O_O:


First down?


Second down?


Last down (the jab KO)


BONUS: Heres Kenny Florian tapping out after BJ Penn applies his deadly rear naked choke in the 4th round


Shaq VS. Big Show on WWE

Here’s the clip for Shaq vs The Big Show on WWE. ENJOY. It was quite entertaining, and I think one of the wrestler’s is Xzibit’s older brother!

Top Gear pits BMW Z4 against Nissan 370Z

The Nissan 370Z and the BMW Z4 are two seriously sporty offerings headed in two different directions. The Z4 is softer, heavier and more stylish than its predecessor, while the 370Z is harder, lighter and takes some risks with its exterior. The 370Z is a coupe (although it available in a drop-top), and the Z4 has a stow-able aluminum roof. The BMW is a genuine luxury car offering, while the 370Z sits on the lot next to the Quest and the Versa. However, the two vehicles share similar dimensions and performance numbers, and both contain the letter “zed,” giving Top Gear enough reason to pit the two coupes against each another on the test track.

Stephon Marbury *Starbury* crying on WebCast Video

Okay, so there has been news buzzing around that Stephon Marbury was crying on web-cam. For reasons unknown he starts playing the song “Lean on Me” by Kirk Franklin, then proceeds to crying. I bought his $20 shoes years back and they were pretty comfy for a short period of time. Now, I will put the shoes in my closet with shame.

Here’s the clip..

Here’s an old top 10 Stephon Marbury clip for people who don’t know him too well.